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>> the super bowl 49ers faithful celebrating tonight's victory over the green bay packers! with the big win the 49ers live to play again! after the game fans were talking about two things -- the super bowl and niners quarterback colin kaepernick. we start our team coverage live out in candlestick park. kron4's philippe djegal was there for the game. what was the vibe like in there, philippe? >> and now it is just one-4 against the packers but they turned in a great game. as you mentioned, college kaepernick was a bit rough in the beginning he threw a interception and then he threw for two more touchdowns, rushed for two touchdowns. and he ran for a hundred 80 yds. and he threw at 2 2/360. special teams gave them the entire amazing game showmanship,
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listen. >> nobody! >> kaepernick was amazing. and to unbelievable! >> kaepernick. >> kaepernick! janu we're going to be here next week again, faithful. >> unbelievable. he is definitely our >> i never doubted it. not for one second. who is going to be? those two teams will
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play tomorrow. and they will square against the game. stay tuned, gary radnich will have your complete four sports, coming up later. >> our team coverage continues. kron4's alecia reid hung out with some 49ers faithfuls at mccovey's in walnut creek during tonight's game. >> reporter: the tables were reserved well in advance. people were early were disappointed that others were thinking ahead. >> celebrating the 49ers was a no-brainer. >> it is the destiny is about colin kaepernick. we are going to go to tk the championship back to the bay. you can count on it, it was guaranteed. >> there were a few people that were not for the niners in the house.
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>> the favorite teams are the chicago bears and who's ever playing the packers. >> i am actually enjoy the dallas cowboys. >> let us de back to the 49ers. some are already looking forward to the championship. >> i feel like karbala motivates everyone and brings everyone in and i would like to see if he can match the x's and o's. >> after all, the word on the street is that they have burnt their spot. >> they have the best defense their spot. >> alecia reed, kron 4. >> they burned their spot. >> gary radnich is coming up. they have earned their spot-brian? >> already freezing. and
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novado fairfield in the upper 20s and these temperatures are calling to continue to get colder for tonight. 30's by the bay and oakland. 37 and san mateo. this live look at san francisco clear skies and in arctic air mass. temperatures are going to drop, significantly. the belief that a freeze warning is in effect for the north bay, the south bay for 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. temperatures will be well below freezing for several hours. there are no freeze warnings for the bay area but still the bayside locations could get close to or right at freezing point. the purple
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showing 30's. and even 20's mid-20s by tomorrow morning. santa rosa, livermore, concord a couple of more cold nights. >> oakland police say three people were injured in a shooting this afternoon. two men and one woman were hurt in the incident. it happened on harmon avenue. no suspect description is available. >> meanwhile. oakland police tonight are searching for the suspects responsible for fridays string of murders. authorities say three young men and a teenage boy were murdered in the span of six hours. police believe there are several groups involved. at this point, investigators are not calling those groups gangs. police say the violence amounts to retaliatory attacks. and, that they are committing extra resources to track down the killers. no suspects are in custody. and no word on whether any of these cases are related. friday's murders tallies
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oakland's homicides to 6 deaths so far this year. three of the victims names have been released. they are 30-year-old larry lovette of stockton. 21-year-old eddiebo rodriguez of oakland and 17- year-old ken harbin of oakland. the fourth victim is a 22 year old man. his name is being withheld until authorities notify his relatives. a rush to buy ammunition was the theme today at the crossroads of the west gun show at the cow palace. the gun show runs through tomorrow and as kron 4's mike pelton shows usfear of potential record turnout. >> i got some rules for my ak-47. >> ammunition, guns, plenty of it. >> reporter: thousands of people packing the parking lot for the crossroads gun show. >> is crazy like new york city subway. >> is busier than i've ever seen it is packed. the mall lines, long wait to purchase of ammunition. they could
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even run out. along lines -- >> everybody is stocking up just like the mayana calendar everybody is going to the gun show to purchase bullets. >> organizers say that this should not come as a surprise. >> people are s concerned about their second amendment rights. >> there is a growing fear that new laws could tighten it sells on ammunition to. >> we've never had a crowd like this. >> that concern has people spending lots of money. >> $1,200. >> i know that it was expensive but i am able to hopefully shoot at the range with my children. mike pelton, kron 4. >> remembering 19-year-old alyssa byrne who went missing in lake tahoe. coming up. we'll hear from her father. >> plus, one northern
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calforniatake a look and see if you can spot why the pilot had trouble! >> your going to want to stick around. a record sticking performance. and as the 49ers blow away the green bay packers. colin kaepernick, his record tonight. they are on their way to their championship, details coming up.
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>> hundreds of friends, family and classmates of alyssa byrne came together for a memorial service at the high school she graduated frombyrne died after she left a new years eve music festival at south lake tahoe. the community remembered alyssa and honored her with a pledge. to never leave an unfamiliar place without a using the buddy system. >> i hate the fact that they're learning something out of this tragedy, i wish
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we could have taught it to them before this but we want them to walk away from this learning they are there for each other. >> officials say byrne tried walking in sub zero temperatures back to her hotel after the music festival. about two miles away. the results of an autopsy found no signs of trauma or foul play on her body.
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>> new tonight at eleven. police in san francisco have arrested a rape suspect on telegraph hill. this after the suspect was surrounded by police and an s-f-p-d helicopter about an hour after the incident occurred. the victim has been rushed to the hospital with unknown injuries.
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we'll continue to bring you the latest on kron4's morning newscast. >> police in santa cruz are on the look out for a suspect that they say grabbed a twelve-year-old girl on the buttcocks. the girl was walking home from school on walnut avenue near spruce when a suspect approached her from behind and grabbed her. the suspect then left the scene. he was seen for a second time just after the incident and a witness managed to take a picture of him as he left the area. he is described as a hispanic male. 21-to-28 years old. around six feet tall. and 250-to-280 pounds. he was last seen wearing a brown t-shirt. black dickie style pants. and wire rimmed glasses. just before noon, a small plane made a bit of a rough landing at the san carlos airport. which is south of san mateo. the problem. the plane did so without using it's landing gear!
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the pilot took off from san luis obispo this morning. it wasn't until the plane was already on the ground when the pilot realized the landing gear hadn't deployed. despite the landing, the pilot. who was the only person on board. escaped uninjured. the airport shut down for a short time while crews worked to remove the plane from the runway. but is has since reopened. >> temperatures our partour party-cold. saratoga, pacifica, opera theateand redwo. upper 30's. below freezing in a lot of areas for the north bay, the east bay. with freeze warnings for effect. we are going to see plenty of blue skies. and
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arctic air. things changed a little bit with the frigid cold mornings. does the satellite coming across the bay area. from north to south that is the most significant the clouds are coming straight down from the north. indicating that temperatures ranging also from cold the yukon, canada. that is why it is so cold and that is not wh i not going to chaand low 30's. and a highs tomorrow, for the south bay. and upper 40's and for the east bay and san francisco, low 50s. san
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bruno, your kron 4 7 day around the bay and here is a the notice, the bottom row for the next couple of days it is still going to be quite cold. wednesday, thursday, highs in the low mid-60s. notice, sunshine. >> good evening, everyone but a game tonight at candlestick. the place was jammed packed. aaron rogers, the mvp. justin smith, the injured try south but still on the field. the set up, kaepernick not much experience in the post season however, look at sam shield. seven-nothing and this is where kaepernick shows us. he comes right
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back. he is running for 20 yds and ties the game at 7. tonight, the biggest on- performance by a quarterback and an n f l regular/post season game. and this packers key player even the selling used cars but the team picked him up. the rookie, jeremy ross fumbled this. the 49ers take this. and crabtree, what a night for crabtree. that young kid, no. 10 never stepped on the field again. and kaepernick, a crabtree, one more time. and from there, it is a san francisco party. not for aaron paren rodgers and san jo s
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state inspired defense but that could not have held them. 56 yds. 183 yds on 14 carries. i cannot say it enough. no quarterback has ever done that. vern and davis gets and on the act. however, 119 yds. 581 total yards of offense the most ever by a 49ers team in the offense. the 49ers will set them up and they will play in atlanta or seattle. >> the offensive played great. and as well as up
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from our running back did well and we made some serious plac >> it was unbelievable, the serious plays... >> he was running all over the field. a big, strong, athletic, running the field, running the ball, throw one the ball. throwing the ball. >> and we were happy to get it back. >> we were competing like maniacs. and we will move on with humble parts >> humble parts. the 49ers but seattle and atlanta. seattle victory? they will come to candlestick park a week from tomorrow. however, if atlanta will have a victory? frisco go to atlanta 49ers and how about
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brother john?. and they were travelling inside 40 seconds, denver, 35/28. however, jones. and this incredible. denver was ready to party but they bled to overtime. 35-35 and peyton manning. not a bad day but not a great day. a couple of the interceptions and this one by quarry. set up a just in time to win it. by corey 9.5 underdogs. coming back, 38-35, the advance. they will play the winner of houston/new england tomorrow. an incredible day of football. it is fun to come here and i am able to visit with vicki and we're working with the best weatherman. brian. this is a weekend i will never forget, weatherman. brian. this is a weekend i will never forget, the 49ers vilook at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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vernon davis. one of the
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49ers superstars. has been making big catches for the 49ers for years. but find out what he's doing off the field that's drawingnow we bring you a different side of one tough 49er. tight end - vernon davis as you've never seen him. as an artist? he shares with kron4 his mean for armstrong's career. age." >> did you have a moment regis to not believe? did you have a moment -- when you did not believe? >> it only happened when i had a moment and college when i change my major and felt free. and i could give
11:29 pm
back and let kids know that it is okay to pursue art. >> davis's aim is to make art school for kids. >> if i can reach out to kids that i am doing it, they can do it. >> a great guy. >> that is it, good night.
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